Understanding Your Story Workshop

Explore Your Past and Understand Your Present

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Virtual | Zoom

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Why Should I Attend This Workshop?

In order to experience healing from past wounds—as well as grow and mature into who you were created to be—you have to understand your story.  

You may have tried many things to find healing—books, conferences, prayer, even therapy—but there’s still something missing.

What if you engaged your story? What if understanding your past experiences in life—particularly in your family of origin—could help you make sense of why you think, feel, and act the way you do in the present?

There is a connection between the past and the present. The good news is that it is possible to make sense of your present life by understanding your past story.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

    • understand why exploring your story is essential for healing and growth.
    • make linkages between your present life and your past experiences in your family of origin. 
    • actually do work on your story (during the workshop you will complete two exercises designed to help you make sense of your story).


Cathy Loerzel

Cathy is an author, speaker, story work coach, and co-founder of The Allender Center.

Adam Young

Adam is a trauma therapist and the host of The Place We Find Ourselves podcast.

Topics Covered

  • What trauma is, how it affects you, and how to know if you’ve experienced it.
  • How to understand your family of origin story, and why this is necessary for healing.
  • The “Big Six” things that every child needs from their parents.
  • Objections that may come up as you explore your story.
  • What emotions in the present tell you about your past story.
  • How to get closer to your story.
  • How triangulation plays out in families.
  • How healing happens.
  • How to engage with God as you explore your story.
  • The necessity of kindness toward yourself in the process.


If you can’t make it on November 19, a video recording will be available for two months.

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Schedule (All Times PST)

8:00  Apologetics of Story Work

8:45  Trauma and Your Story

9:45  Break

10:00  Understanding Your Family of Origin: The Big Six

10:45  Lunch and Self-directed Exercise: The Big Six

12:00  Objections To Looking At Your Story

12:15  What Emotions In the Present Reveal About Your Past Story

12:30  Family of Origin: Triangulation 

12:45  How to Get Closer to Your Story 

1:15  Break 

1:30  How Healing Happens

2:15  Grief, Anger, and Engaging with God

2:45  Self-directed Exercise: Writing Your Own Psalm (Expressing Sorrow and Anger to God)

3:15  What If I Don’t Remember Much Of My Story?

3:30  The Necessity of Kindness Toward Yourself

3:45  Next Steps

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