Exploring Triangulation

Within Your Family of Origin

Thursday Evening, March 21, 2024

4-6 PST | 5-7 MST | 6-8 CST | 7-9 EST

Adam Young

Dan Allender

Dr. Dan Allender

Here are four true sentences:

  • You grew up in a family.
  • You had a role in that family.
  • You were envied by someone in that family.
  • Being envied in childhood has significantly affected how you relate to others today.

Join Dan Allender and Adam Young for a two hour webinar addressing how the dynamics of envy in your family of origin continue to affect your life today. Drawing on biblical stories about envy, we will take a deep dive into how envy lies behind so many of our family of origin stories.

If you don’t think anyone envies you, this webinar is particularly designed for you!