NOTE: The wait for an Intensive is currently 12-15 months.

Some people want to address issues in their lives, hearts, and stories but lack the time to meet weekly with a counselor. Others live too far away for regular appointments. As a result, I offer Intensives. The schedule that I typically follow is:

Wednesday Afternoon — 2.5 hour session
Thursday Morning — 2.5 hour session
Thursday Afternoon — 2.5 hour session
Friday Morning — 2.5 hour session
Friday Afternoon — 2.5 hour session

The fee for an intensive is $4,750 for individuals and $5,500 for couples. Half of the fee is required as a deposit to reserve your spot. Since an intensive is a significant commitment of time and money, I recommend that we do a 30 minute video conference before you make your decision. The purpose of the time is for you to get a better sense of who I am and for me to get a better sense of what you want to address during the Intensive. Then, we can decide if it’s a good fit. The fee for the video interview is $200.

One requirement for doing an Intensive is that you have an after-care plan in place prior to coming. Intensives can be very disruptive; therefore, it’s essential that you contact a therapist and make sure they have availability to work with you upon your return if necessary. If there are no local therapists, I can provide a list of therapists who may be able to work with you remotely.

Fort Collins, CO, is a beautiful place and I think you will find it to be a great environment for engaging your story in more depth.


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