Some people want to address issues in their lives, hearts, and stories, but lack the time to meet weekly with a counselor. Others live too far away for regular appointments. As a result, I offer Intensives (12.5 hours of counseling in 2.5 days).

Fort Collins, CO, is a beautiful place and I think you will find it to be a great environment for engaging your story in more depth.


In any long term relationship, the same arguments often seem to repeat without resolution. This is because repetitive arguments are driven by emotional undercurrents. The way we react to our spouse is far more a function of our emotions than our thoughts. The emotional brain responds in 50 milliseconds—well before the part of your brain that “thinks” can respond. Your “thinking” brain needs an additional 450 milliseconds to even become aware of what your spouse has just communicated. By that time, you’ve already reacted… and your spouse has already reacted to your reaction!


Each of us needs someone to bear witness to the core stories of our lives, and to help us make sense of why our life looks and feels the way it does. By looking at your story and life experiences, you can understand how you came to think, feel, and relate to others in the way that you do. Looking at the particularity of your story—especially the places where you were harmed—can (surprisingly) lead to increased freedom, hope, and joy.

How Do I Engage My Story?

Click below for helpful resources on story, attachment, affect regulation, and more.

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