Story Assignment

Reflect on your childhood (ages 0-18) and consider experiences from that time that were painful, harmful, or tragic. Write a narrative of one of those experiences.

A narrative has setting, plot, and characters. Try to describe the setting and characters, rather than merely telling the plot of what happened. The story you choose is meant to provide an illuminating window into one of the harder parts of your life. Aim for 700-1000 words.

Your story selection could be a headline event such as the death of a parent, or perhaps something that seems relatively insignificant like a comment by your uncle about your developing body. There is no “best” story to choose.

The following questions may help you choose what story you would like to tell.

Who disappointed, wounded, or hurt you?
What were the events surrounding the harm or disappointment?
How old were you and how long did it go on?
How did you respond to the event?
Who did you talk to about it and what was their response?