Born to a family longing for a boy, the war against her femininity began early. Tracy learned that attention with her father could be won by performing well in sports, dressing in boys’ clothings, and wearing her hair short. One day, in an effort to belong with other sixth-grade girls, she wore a dress to school. The reaction of her peers deepened her desire to stay away from dresses and femininity. Listen as Tracy discusses this story in the context of her life as a professional golfer, how she’s learned to look at her younger self with kindness and compassion, and how God playfully invited her into redemption with an unexpected challenge to wear dresses for the entire month of December.

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Episode Highlights
45 minutes of being seen and heard by safe people shifted everything, enabling Tracy to begin exploring her story.
What it looks like to engage our emotions.
Death before resurrection (sometimes something needs to die before it can be resurrected).
Good stories begin with a rising desire for something.
Courage to celebrate femininity.
Our stories are complex and often begin earlier on than we think.
Dad liked when she acted like a boy because of his longing for a boy.
Can a 5-year old really choose to be a tomboy?
There are areas we may feel more anxiety than kindness towards ourselves.
“I killed my desire to be feminine and soft. I killed a desire to belong with other women.”
Vows and commitments can take on a life of their own.
“Choice” is a complicated concept.
“There is beauty that resides in me because I am a woman.”
Fighting for femininity.
Sometimes God writes stories in our lives for no other reason than to say, “I see you.”
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