In today’s episode, I have a very honest and vulnerable conversation with Robyn about sexual abuse. We talk candidly about how our bodies respond with arousal even when there is profound violation occurring. Robyn tells the story of confronting her family about the abuse and not being believed. She then shares how her posture toward the 13 year old girl has changed over the years and what prompted that change.

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Show Notes

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What you will hear in this episode:
Why “forgive and forget” is misguided
Forgiveness is part of the healing process, but so is grieving and being angry.
Depression and the feeling that “something isn’t right with me”
How the church can be an obstacle to healing
How our bodies respond with arousal, even when there is profound violation occurring
Hiding her 13-year-old heart where no one could see
What happens when your own mother won’t believe you
How Robyn’s posture toward herself changed over the years
It was crazy making. One of my shame messages was “You’re just crazy. You’re not seeing right, you’re not hearing right, you’re not experiencing right.” And yet somewhere inside I was like, “I know I’m seeing right.”
I needed somebody there in the mess with me. That’s what really helped me engage with the 13 year old.
When the 13 year old is with me, I have my voice.
Cursing and blessing

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